April 2000 Electronics Unlimited - News You Can Use

There has been many changes since our last newsletter. In December, I decided to make my computer business full-time. Becoming self-employed continues to be a wonderful experience although I continue to be as busy as before.

I am still continuing to work with a number of home computer users, small businesses, corporate clients and now am specializing in providing services to non-profit organizations.

In this issue, we are highlighting some of our clients that provide services. As a small business owner, we feel it is important to network and to share resources.

Earn $15 or even $30 for Referrals

Refer a friend for a 1 hour computer service call, and receive a one-time referral check of $15 for that referral. If your referral is a business client, and the business schedules a 1 hour appointment, we will send you a one time referral check for $30.

For more info, contact us at (503) 531-3622 or terrill@eucomputers. net

Tips for Maintaining your Computer

Defragmenting your computer is a monthly maintenance procedure that I recommend in order to optimize your computer's performance. By using Disk Defragmenter, you will optimizes your disk so that unused space and files are arranged more efficiently. This enables your programs to run faster and your files to open up more quickly.

A file can get fragmented when it becomes too big for your computer to store in a single location on a disk. When this occurs, your computer splits the file and stores it in pieces. You can still use the fragmented files, but it takes your computer longer to access these files. Disk Defragmenter speeds up disk access by rearranging the files and free space on your computer, so files are stored in continuous units and free space is consolidated in one larger block.

I recommend to my customers that they run Disk Defragmenter at least once per month.

To run Disk Defragmenter, click on your Start Button, then go to Programs, and then to Accessories. From Accessories click over to System Tools. Then select Disk Defragmenter.

Disk Defragmenter may inform you that there are errors on the Drive. If this happens, it will inform you that you need to run Scan Disk. Be sure to choose the thorough option and automatically fix errors. Then you will be able to run Disk Defragmenter.

W i n d o w s 95/ 98 S h o r t c u t s

Open an Explorer window: W inkey+ E
Find: All Files: W inKey+ F
Open the Run dialog: W inkey+ R
Use your Arrow to navigate menus instead of
your mouse.