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Community Business Resources

Listed below are some local community business resources that we have worked with and would like to share with our customers.

Patrick Patoray, Soundessay
503) 756-4842

Soundessay is a unique, professional, web and graphic design company focused on building and supporting distinctive imaging. Ideal for ambitious small businesses, entertainers, artists, and individuals working toward success on a budget. Check out www.soundessay.com for more information and our standard and custom job packages that help you "Get your message out."

Andrew Lubbock, AFLAC
(503) 977-9800, Ext. 242
ALuccock@ aol. com

AFLAC is a Fortune 200 company with over $30 billion in assets. AFLAC is the largest supplemental insurance company in the world. For business owners, they are able to reduce your payroll taxes and enhance your benefit package at no cost to you.

For individuals, they provide a series of benefits that protect income and assets. For more information, please contact Andrew Lubbock, 977-9800, Ext. 242.

Earn $15 or even $30 for Referrals

Refer a friend for a 1 hour computer service call and receive a one-time referral check of $15 for that referral. If your referral is a business client and the business schedules a 1 hour appointment, we will send you a one time referral check for $30.

Now Accepting Matercard and Visa

Becky's Interesting Websites

Send an e-card to a friend or loved one.

This is the website for the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department.

A good site to reconnect with high school alumni.