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With the start of the spring time, Terrill and I have had a chance to reflect about the past year. It has been a little over one year since Terrill took our business full-time. We would like to take the time to thank some special people that have helped our business grow and be successful. These friends have also given us valuable input and advice.

We would like to thank our fantastic newsletter proofreader and friend Joan Benedict, Carol Meyers --our wonderful CPA and friend who keeps us in check and balance.

Also, we are in gratitude to our sub-contractors that at a moment's notice have been abled to help us out: Tim Field, Joe Field, and Cindy Hearne. A special thanks goes out to Vicki Rodriguez of Albina Community Bank who believed in our business to help us out with some large projects.

And finally thank you to all of our customers who have referred others to us and who continue to support a locally owned business.

"I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Options for disposing of an Old and Tired Computer?

There are a number of options for recyling computers in the Portland Metropolitan area.

In 1995, Intel and the Northwest Regional Education Service District founded StRUT (Students Recycling Used Technology). StRUT focuses on computer recyling in Oregon and southwest Washington. The program's goal is to develop programs where students gain technical and business management skills by refurbishing and upgrading computers to place in local public schools. These computers supplement existing school computer purchases.

The program will accept the following used equipment: computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, digital cameras, copiers, cell phones, scanners, hard drives, printers, from the community and businesses. Donation hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9: 00am to 6: 00pm. For more information call StRUT at 503-251-3771. Their website is www.open.k12.or.us/strutor/whatitis.html.

Free Geek is a relatively new non-profit organization in Portland that accepts donated used computer equipment. Free Geek refurbishes the equipment and then makes it available to individuals in the community in exchange for community service.

Free Geek is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12: 00pm to 8: 00pm. For more information contact Free Geek at 503-232-9350. Their website is www.freegeek.org

Another computer recycler is Computer Drive Connections in Cornelius. Computer Drive Connections will accept any item that is computer-related including VCRs and radios. They do not accept TVs or microwaves. Computer Drive Connections will sell re-usable computers. If the computer is not functioning, it is disassembled and sent to metal refineries for recyling. For more information call 503-992-0177.

The last resource is Metro of Portland. Metro has resource information for computer recycling. Their sources include companies that can recycle everything from computers to fax machines to phone systems. For more information contact Metro at 503-234-3000. Their website is www.metro-region.org

Computer Humor
These Japanese Haikus were sent to us from one friend to another passed on with a smile.

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows are like that.

Windows NT crashed.
The Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes, and lost data.
Guess which has occurred.

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Remember you can earn $15 or even $30 for Referrals

Refer a friend for a 1 hour computer service call and receive a one-time referral check of $15 for that referral. If your referral is a business client and the business schedules a 1 hour appointment, we will send you a one time referral check for $30.

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Computer Tidbit
According to SnapNames, a domain software program, 60,000 new domain names are registered successfully every day out of 600, 000 attempts. An estimated 10, 000 domain names expire each day.

Computer Spring Cleaning Tip #1


To clean your monitor be sure to use a screen cleaner that is anti-static with a lint-free cloth. Screen cleaners can be purchased at local office supply stores.

Outside of Computer Case

For cleaning the outside of your PC case, you should first unplug the electricity. Wash the outside of the case with a mild detergent mixed with water or rubbing alcohol. Take care with not letting any moisture seep into the connection points.

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