Electronics Unlimited - News You Can Use - April 2002

Monitor Shopping:
Chic Flat-Panel vs. CRT workhorse

While LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitors are gaining in popularity, these monitors still tend to be priced on the upper end of monitors. There are some advantages to the LCD monitors. The first would be the size versus the bulky size of Cathode Ray Tube or CRT monitors. In addition, LCD's offer higher sharpness, even the smaller screens look better at higher resolutions than CRTs can comfortably display.

Dimensions: The slimness of the new LCD's has been a major selling point. A typical 17-inch CRT monitor is a 17-inch, 35-pound cube while the LCD might be 9-10 inches deep and typically weighs less than 20 pounds. Just ask yourself what would fit better on your desk: a big micro-wave oven or a butcher-block cutting board standing on edge.

Refresh Rate: Refresh rates are measured in hertz (Hz), typically low refresh rates on a CRT can result in annoying flicker. LCD's do not have refresh rates so, flickering isn't an issue. Flicker is produced in the CRT. LCDs are also easier on the eyes.

Colors: CRT monitors far outperform LCD monitors when it comes to color. Colors on any kind of monitor are created by varying the intensity of red, green, and blue dots in the millions of triads that make up an image.

Response Time: LCDs are slower than CRTs. Typically it takes 20-50 milliseconds (ms) for an LCD pixel to respond, while it takes a CRT 8-12ms. If you plan to do a lot of movie viewing or video editing, get a CRT monitor.

Power Consumption: LCD panels draw less than half the power a CRT do. Although you would need a bunch of CRT to serious notice the 50-60 watt difference per monitor over a period of time.

Is now the Time to buy a Flat-Panel Screen?

Recent trade publications have noted that prices for flat-panel screens will be increasing in the future due to the shortage of one of the key components. Motherglass is used to create the displays for the flat screen monitors, notebooks, handheld devices and cell phones.

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Dear Computer Guru!

How often should one update the virus signatures?

From Evan of Portland

Dear Evan,

Virus signatures are constantly being updated. They are made available for updating two to five times per month. Most people are fine with updat-ing once or twice per month. Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 2000 and newer can be setup on a schedule to automatically update. You can also, at any time, use the Live Update button in your Symantec Norton Anti-Virus software to update immediately. McAfee does not have this feature built-in currently. To update it McAfee, open your McAfee Virus Scan Console, and click on the update button.

This works only with version 5 and above. If you have a virus scanner more than three years old, I would also strongly recommend replacing what is called the scan engine. This is the program that reads the Virus Signature files, and actually scans your hard drive for the viruses. Even with new virus signature files, an old scan engine may not properly detect and/ or remove newer viruses.


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From Behind the Computer Mouse

As our beautiful Oregon spring has arrived, many of our customers are contemplating changes in their computer equipment for home and business environments. If you are in search of either a new or upgraded computer, network, wireless networking, printer or scanner please contact us and we can assist you with finding the right equip-ment to meet your needs.

Please keep in mind that we can build you a custom machine to your specifications. We will also take the time to explain the differences between our custom built computers and other computer systems that you might be considering. Our new computer systems come with a one year warranty on parts and labor. Total customer satisfaction is very important to Electronics Unlimited, and part of the total customer satisfac-tion is helping customers over the phone immediately to help them solve small problems.

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Electronics Unlimited is committed to delivering quality and efficient computer service and repair. Above all, we will earn the confidence of our customers through a continued commitment to total customer satisfaction.

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